We receive many great applications so  as soon as you see a dog that you are interested in, please fill out an application!

Read below to learn more about our adoption process!

About Our Adoption Process

Rain City Rescue differs from other rescues in it's adoption process. Our goal in placing a dog with a family is to make the best match for both the dog and adopters. Because we tend to receive many quality applications for each of our dogs there are many wonderful families that don't bring the dog home. We urge all people interested in adopting a dog to fill out an application as soon as possible because they aren't available for long.


The fact that we are a foster-based rescue and we transport from Georgia, sending our dogs on a three day journey by land or a plane ride across the country, also changes our adoption process. Our dogs are usually posted as available for adoption shortly before they are to leave on transport. Our goal is to have selected well matched families to meet the dogs upon their arrival in Washington. This eliminates a need for a large number of fosters (which we don't currently have many of in Washington) and also minimizes the number of times a dog is bounced from new people to new people. We want to minimize the stress the dogs go through in this process and the best way is to get them straight home! We also choose this process because it gives us time to diligently check out references and do home checks.

While we would love to be able to contact every person who applies for a dog and be able to tell them if they have moved forward in our process of elimination to find the right match for our dogs, we only have a few people who process through the MANY applications we recieve for each dog. We apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment caused by our inability to do so. If you are contacted by one of our coordinators, it is not a promise that you are a selected adopter but is a sign that we are interested in your family as one of the possibilities. We do commonly contact more than one family about each dog that we have, hoping to find if the family is the right match for the dog (and vice versa). The selected family will be notified that they have been selected to meet the dog at our adoption event when they arrive in Washington. This also is not a promise that you will take the dog home. This is considered a chance for you and us to see how you (and your family or possibly your current dog) fit when you are able to interact with each other. We reserve the right to not send a dog home with you if we feel at that point that it is not a good match. You are also not required to take the dog home if you feel it is not a good match. For this reason, we will often select an applicant as a "back-up" in the case that the first selection is not a good match. We hope you understand that we are doing our best to not only select the best home for our dogs but to set both them and you up for success in our matching process.


Common reasons why families and dogs might not be a best match range from having children or animals in the family (the particular dog may not do well with such situations), work hours (the dog would be left home alone too long and the dog may not handle long absenses well) to the dog needing an owner that is more experienced, more active or has a larger piece of property for the dog. Sometimes there is just more than one family that would be a good match and the only explanation to being turned down is that there is only one dog.

To those who do not get the chance to adopt the first dog they apply for, don't give up! There are many great dogs in shelters and rescued across the US, all needing great homes. You may also keep looking at our website as we continue to bring more dogs into our rescue.  The supply of dogs needing homes is sadly endless and we do our best to make a difference, even if it is small in comparison to the need. We know it matters to each individual dog saved and that is why we do our best to find them the best home possible!