Highly Recommended


Scatter Creek Kennels and Training

Olympia, WA


Best recommendation for dogs needing training for behavior problems. Also great for teaching you how to be the leader your dog needs.

Sparks K9

Monroe, WA


Best recommendation for dog training north of Seattle. John Sparks provides training from puppies & tricks to aggression issues. Board & train or private lessons available

Argos Dogworks

Atlanta, Ga


Our best recommendation for Georgia! For those too far away, check out their Facebook page or their YouTube videos for great training tips!


The Best Dog Food

For a Safe and Healthy Dog


20 experts reviewed over 2,000  formulas from 115 brands to find true quality.

Includes a list of top 134 choices  with cost per pound.

Dog Food Advisor



Sign up for their free dog food and treat recall alerts. Be aware that not all stores pull potentially dangerous products off their shelves.

Outward Hound Feeders



Why use a slow feeder for your dog? They help prevent bloat, regurgitation & canine obesity. Check out the great designs that will provide your dog lots of fun at feeding time!

-Toys & Supplies-

The Goughnut



Best chew toy for tough chewers! Has a safety core showing it's time to throw it away. Lifetime guarantee, return your toy & get free replacement!

EbonyPaws ID Tags



What we love about EbonyPaws is the large and unique selection that includes important medical ID tags to let anyone who interacts with your dog to know their unique needs.

The Furminator



Best recommendation for removing your dog's excess fur. Regular grooming reduces shedding which in turn reduces the amount of cleaning you have to do!

-Fun Stuff-




Unique, custom, handmade pet dog id tags. Jewelry and accessories. Follow them on Facebook and enter the weekly giveaway to get a custom tag that looks like your pooch!

Cuddle Clones



Ever wanted a stuffed animal that looked just like your pet? Cuddle clones are quality plush copies of your pet that you can cuddle with without getting fur stuck to your clothing!

Original Sock Dog



Another place to get a custom plush that looks like your furry best friend! Or perhaps you'd like a custom cartoon made of your pet that you can order on  all kinds of merchandise!

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