Meet the Core Team

Pam Schairbaum

Rescue Director/Adoption Coordinator

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Lindsey Chavez

Operations Manager / Web Developer

Hi, I'm a stay-at-home wife, mother, photographer, lover of animals and all things crafty. As a child I dreamed of becoming a zoologist or marine biologist. Growing up we had dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, a hamster and a turtle. In highschool, my grandfather, who did photography as a hobby, introduced me to my first SLR camera and my own love for capturing moments that are often too fleeting. My career dreams by then had settled in the arts but following my grandfather's passing, I decided to focus on photography. I went to Rocky Mountain School of Photography, graduated and started my own business. Life and health changes led to me shutting down my business several years later. Focusing more on health and life, I found myself married to my best friend in 2012. I now enjoy photography as a hobby as well as crafts like scrapbooking and painting, reading and raising my two beautiful girls and three awesome dogs! Marrying my husband and being a stay-at-home mom is what opened the doors of opportunity that began the story of my life in rescue.


In the late summer of 2012 after my husband and I adopted our first dog together (the third dog in our home) I had been hoping to foster for our local shelter but didn't get a response right away. I happened upon a post on Facebook that shared a dog from Georgia that would be saved if it had a foster to go to in Washington. I jumped on the possibility and so began the journey with RAIN (the rescue group that Rain City was born from). Our family eventually fostered about 8 dogs with RAIN but I also noticed that there were many other needs and ways that I could help. I took over the website duties in 2013. I partnered with Pam and began helping with transportation coordination and the adoption process as well as forming both the GA foster program (currently run by the amazing Tracy Hunter) and the puppy program which is now part of the overall rescue program! I ended up taking about a year off of rescue duty when I gave birth to my daughter but recently rejoined at the birth of Rain City Rescue! I am still in charge of the website (I hope you like the new look!) and graphic design but I'm newly taking charge of project planning and new roles in coordinating adoptions! There are some great changes in the works and I hope you'll love and participate in all the things to come!


The last almost four years have been a crazy ride but I finally feel like I am doing what I was made to do and have the joy of working with an amazing group of people and being part of saving animals and lives by bringing families together with their furry best friends! I love that rescue has allowed me to tie together both my dream of working with animals and photography. It just goes to show that there are so many ways you can help make this world (and this rescue if you want to partner with us) better! I love this rescue family!

Tracy Boose

South Sound Adoption Coordinator

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Fielding DeCoursey

Data Management/Technical Support/Social Media

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