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  • Chill and Friendly Bully Buddy!

    Meet the coolest dude to be rescued off the streets in north Georgia! Newton is an American Staffordshire Terrier mix and was found with a female German Shepherd friend making the best of living life as a stray on the streets. They were lucky enough to have the right people find them who knew they deserved better than a life searching for scraps. A Georgia rescue friend and bully advocate was contacted and that is when Newton’s life took a turn for the better. His GSD friend was taken in by a rescue but he was rejected just because of his breed. His advocate friend just stepped up her efforts to give him the best future possible! She thinks that he probably led a life of neglect, probably forgotten on the end of a chain in someone’s yard before he ended up wandering but she says he’s an absolute love! She made sure he was neutered and received his vaccinations but in the process found out he was heartworm positive. Newt has now completed his heartworm treatment and physically has a bright future ahead! He also has been through a board and train program where he has learned his basic manners and how to walk well on a leash. He currently is even in foster with his trainer so he gets extra work and love! He is now just hoping with paws crossed that someone will fall in love with his goofy smile and big heart!

    Newton is about 2 and a half years old and 67 lbs. He’s a chill dog who loves to go for walks and car rides, sunbathe in the backyard or relax on a couch next to his human buddies. He’s also quite fond of hanging out by the pond at his current foster home. He gets along well with medium or larger dogs with similar chill energy but has a terrier prey drive that makes him not well suited for a home with little dogs (something his trainer is working on with him) but also wouldn’t mind being the only dog in the house soaking up attention. He has been around children as young as six and done very well with them so a home with older children would make his day! He recently went on a “bully walk” with a bunch of bully breed friends where he was well behaved, even letting the children walk him. He enjoyed showing people just how great bully breed dogs can be!

    Newt has been looking for a forever home for a long time in Georgia but has had little luck. It’s a hard place for a bully breed to find an available home, let alone a good home because the state is overflowing with dogs in need. Rain City thought that maybe, just maybe he has waited so long because his forever family has been located in Washington all along. Newton hopes that somewhere his someone who would make him part of their family, take him on walks, chill on the couch watching tv and continue training him to be the best behaved bully boy on the block! If you think that might be you, go to and fill out an application! Questions can be sent to Lindsey at (not Ranger Dog Training as the video shows).  Newt will be scheduled for transport when his “perfect match” is found!