Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are you located so I can come see your dogs?

A: Rain City Rescue is a foster based rescue so we do not have a physical location where we home all the dogs until adoption.


Q: Where can I find your phone number so I can contact you?

A: Because Rain City Rescue is run by volunteers, we use our personal phones to contact possible adopters and do not give out our phone numbers to the general public. If you need to contact us, you can do so by going to our Contact page.


Q: How do I meet a dog that I'm interested in?

A: For us to have the most efficient process, we pre-screen for the best possible matches for both the dog and adopter. If you see a dog that you are interested in meeting, please fill out an adoption application (here). If you are a good match for the dog or if we think you might be a good match for another dog, we will contact you and set up a meeting time.


We try to contact eveyone who send in an application but due to our limited number of volunteers, we may not be able to respond. If you are not contacted, you might make a wonderful adopter but we either already have a match for the dog in question or there was a better match. Please keep looking as we are continuously bringing new dogs into our rescue program who might just be the right match for you!


Q: How does the adoption process work?

A: Please click here to go to our page about the adoption process.


Q: What vetting do the dogs have when they arrive?

A: In general, our dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and heartworm tested before leaving Georgia. Exceptions are usually due to age. All known medical history is disclosed to the adopter and adopters receive copies of medical records upon adoption.


If there are additional medical issues to consider, they are fully disclosed and discussed with the potential adopter.



Q: Why do so many of your dogs come from Georgia?

A: While overpopulation is a problem in general, the states in the southeast in particular (including Georgia) have the perfect storm of problems that include overpopulation, more low-income or impovershed communities and a culture that in general places less value in pets. Dogs are overbred, have accidental litters due to not being spayed/neutered, abandoned, and surrendered to shelteres in overwhelming numbers. Due to the high numbers of surrendered animals, shelters are not able to find new homes as fast as the dogs come in and the only way to continue providing each dog a chance to find a home is to euthanize the ones that have had the longest chance. There is just not enough room to keep them all.


Rain City Rescue has the unique opportunity to bring dogs from Georgia to our dog-friendly adoption-friendly state of Washington to give them a chance they otherwise would not have at finding a wonderful home.

Q: Why are your fees so high?

A: Our fees are set at rates that help us to continue to care for the dogs that are accepted into our rescue as well as transport them safely from Georgia to Washington.


The average dog we take in requires vaccines, heartworm testing, spay/neuter as well as general needs such as food, shelter and supplies. Occasionally dogs can require more costly treatments such as heartworm treatment, surgery, and specialty training.


There are also the general business costs of opperating the rescue.


Keep in mind that there are costs that you, the adopter, do not pay for. Every member of Rain City Rescue volunteers their personal time and energy to help save and rehome the dogs. Volunteers often pay out of their own pockets for transporting and fostering the dogs. They also graciously set aside time from their families, work and activities in order to not only see that the dogs have good homes but that you, the adopter, are united with your new best friend and lifetime family member.


Besides, isn't the adoption fee a steal when you consider the lifetime of selfless and unconditional love your dog has to offer?! The dogs sure think so!


Q: How does transport work?

A: Information coming soon!

Q: What do I do if I have run into a situation that requires me to return my adopted dog?

A: Please contact us at If there is a way we can assist you that would improve the situation (such as facing dog behavior problems or health issues you can't afford treatment for) we will do our best to help you find a solution so your dog can remain part of your family. If there is no resolution, we will walk you through the process of Rain City Rescue rehoming your dog. Please don't wait until last minute to contact us with problems! Catching and fixing issues early is best and if you do need to return your dog, we ask that you give us time to work on placing your dog in a new home before you need to have them out of your own.

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