Rain City Reunions

We like to think of Rain City Rescue as one large family. We love our dogs like they are our own and put much time and heart into making sure they make it to the best homes. That's when we add YOU to the mix! Not only do you adopt the dogs, but you are adopted into the rescue family as well! We are dedicated to being available to you for the lifetime of your Rain City dog (and many friendships go even further!). Like family, we love to stay in touch! We love seeing how the dogs are flourishing in their new homes and how they grow both physically and mentally after they leave our care. Pictures may say a thousand words, but we think meeting in person is a great thing too! We will be starting a new reunion program that will be both large and small in scale. We are looking to do large group reunions as well as sibling/bff reunions! We know that some of you puppy adopters are often curious as to what happened to your pup's siblings and what would be better than letting them play together again?!


Announcements for reunions will be made via our newsletter so make sure you are on the list if you want to be involved with these great activities! Then, come here to let us know you are interested in joining us!