Last month Ms. B, our bagel dog of several years succumbed to dawg cancer. We really were not prepared for it as she was only six years old when she came to our home three or so years ago. Other than having a loose screw somewhere that we could never find, she was our dawg and we loved her.

Anne has been searching ever since (and even before me thinks) for a new beagle dawg to adopt. Chloe became availabe a little over a week ago as a kill-shelter rescue by RAIN (Rescuing Animals In Need) in Georgia. Emails and applications began to fly between Anne and RAIN and we were awarded adoptive rights to Chloe. We found our 'bagel'.

Chloe arrived last Saturday, December 16th in Tacoma via a flight from Georgia to SEATAC. Anne was up there to meet her at the Simply Paws pet shop in Tacoma, a local contact for RAIN. After an overnight stay at Bekah's Cloe and Anne arrived at our home the following Sunday afternoon.

Chloe's new name is Ceili (pronounced Kay-Lee), and come from the Celtic word for companion. She's about four years old and is more the size of Nola, our first bagel. She's a loving dog and seems to get along well with our lab / springer mix, Grasea. (Though I guess she told her cousins Perky and Gus off in Tacoma about something.)

RAIN began rescuing animals following hurricane Katrina. We've been very impressed by the care that has been provided for Ceili while in their hands and the adoption process. They had a well developed plan for rescuing animals, caring for them and getting them to where they could be noticed and adopted. (Ceili came to us spayed, in good health, and micro-chipped.)