Darby (now Dobby) has been a wonderful addition to our household. I didn’t want to change his name much but Darby seemed like a girl’s name to me LOL. His second day here I took him outside to meet the neighbor girls and after calling his name, they thought I said Dobby (from Harry Potter movie). I then went inside to look up Dobby and this little guy kind of resembled that crazy looking character. So, Dobby it is.

He is getting along great with the my 2 cats and my 7 year old Chug (Chihuahua/Pug). The day after I got Dobby I found out that one of my cats has cancer and not too long to live. So he has really been a bright spot in an otherwise very hard time. The training that Anna and Beverly gave him before he found his forever home with us is amazing. He is still protective over any man that approaches me. We are working on that, and he’s responding amazingly. I have a feeling he was in a home where a man abused a woman somehow based on his behavior.

He is so fast and loves to run in the yard, and play with the neighbors giant herding dog and my dog Beck. He loves his toys and bedtime in his kennel. I never was a supporter of kenneling a dog. But, for Dobby being such a dominant male this works out amazing so he doesn’t try to rule the bed. He pops right in his kennel at night and is so happy to come out in the morning. He has actually started displaying submissive tendencies towards my 7 year old Beck, and that’s good. He’s learning his place in the house.

Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful work with R.A.I.N. I really admire all of you!