After recently losing our dog to cancer, we really needed to add a new dog to our family to fill the hole in our hearts. We all agreed that the new dog should be friendly, playful, loving, smart and cute.

The first moment I saw Hershey on Petfinder.com, I knew he had all of those qualities and more. When we met him in person, it was love at first sight for Hershey and us.

R.A.I.N. rescue drove him for five days from Georgia to Seattle and sent me email updates along the way. I so admire their dedication to finding the right forever homes for their rescue dogs. I don’t know what kind of hard life this little guy had before he came to us, but it doesn’t matter any more because he is so happy now. And every time he come up and nuzzles me with his beautiful head, or cuddles up in bed with the kids for story time, I am so grateful for R.A.I.N. for helping this wonderful dog find us.

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