India and I found each other by fate! I wasn't looking to get a dog, but have always wanted one, and knew I would adopt. I saw her cute little face that was sent to me by a friend from the RAIN'S website. I fell in love with her. She has been the greatest joy that has ever come into my life. She loves long hikes in the woods, and pushes me to be faster, but there is no way I can keep up with her! She traverses cliffs at the speed of a jaguar. She loves, loves the Ocean and water very much. She plays for hours catching the waves, and also one of her favorite things is catching rain drops. I've never seen a dog do that... She jumps super high, and it would make any sourpuss smile their face off. Everyone that she has met has fallen in love with her, she is super special and has made many new four legged friends who she plays with, and two legged ones as well. India, loves listening to music, especially my friend Billy Harvey. She is super clever, and very attentive. The only time I've heard her bark is to alert me to a loud noise or disturbance outside the house. She sleeps with me curled up at the bottom of my bed like a little deer. She is such a spirited soul, and am so very grateful to have crossed paths with her. Thanks to RAIN for taking care of her and fostering and getting all her needs met, while she was waiting for me to find her. She is a blessing. -April

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