Brad and I were looking for a second dog. We had rescued our first dog, Sofie, and felt she needed a buddy. We both knew we wanted a smaller dog, and I had met some chihuahuas that I fell in love with. The search began for a chihuahua......

I found Milo on Petfinder. I had emailed RAIN about him and was sent the application. I hadn't found the time to fill it out, but had been in contact with RAIN about seriously wanting to adopt Milo.

One rainy Saturday, Brad and I were on our way downtown when we decided to stop into Whole Foods to get some coconut water. We saw a sign for "Pet Adoptions" and Brad decided to look at the dogs while I went inside. We saw a woman holding a little blonde chihuahua and I looked at Brad and said, "I think that's Milo". Brad asked the lady and lo and behold, it was Milo! We were afraid he'd already been adopted. When we asked, we found out that the woman holding Milo worked for RAIN and that he was still available for adoption. It took us about 2 minutes to decide to adopt him.

It was very easy to work with the RAIN crew. But, not so easy that they would just relinquish any dog to anyone. We found out that Milo had a few prospective parents, but no one was the right fit. Brad and I must've done something right, because we were able to take him home that day.

Milo is a heart stealer. He is so darned cute. He and Sofie wrestle (even though she has about 35 pounds on him) and he loves long walks. He has already gone snowshoeing and actually loves the snow! His favorite thing to do is to burrow under the covers for a nice long sleep curled up right under my neck or Brad's armpit.

He's not the best behaved dog, but he's not a terror either. He definitely has a mind of his own. I am able to carry him in my hiking backpack which he seems to really enjoy because he can stay warm while going on nice long hikes while poking his head out to have a look around (of course, he gets to run around a bit, too).

It has been a wonderful experience having Milo and I think RAIN is a great organization that really cares for their foster dogs.

The cut on his head has healed up nicely and we have been able to thwart the eye booger problem with buttermilk.

Thank You, RAIN, for bringing this adorable creature into our lives!

Kate, Brad, Sofie and Milo