Troy's Petfinder profile said he was perfect and it was absolutely true. We've never had such a well-adjusted, well-mannered rescue dog before. He's very well behaved and is no trouble at all. He's been such a joy for us. We honestly can't figure out how he wound up in a shelter, but we're glad he found his way to us with RAIN's help. The first thing Troy did when he came home was to jump up on our old couch and curl up. He made himself right at home very quickly. After what he's been through, he deserves a nice, comfy place to call his own. He had a bit of a rough start, having to get rid of some roundworms and dealing with teeth problems, but he handled everything so calmly, patiently, and without complaint. (He was the talk of the office at our veterinarian. They LOVE him.) He's a very mellow guy, loves to cuddle, and just hang out with his "peeps". He easily makes friends everywhere he goes, preferring people, but getting along with other dogs as well. He loves going on walkies, but isn't too fond of the rain. In fact, one rather scary incident happened in the rain, but it only made us appreciate this little guy even more. My husband was walking him one night, when he tripped and fell. Well, the umbrella flew out of his hand, right at Troy. That scared Troy and he took off running, wrenching the leash from my husband's hand. It took a few moments for my husband to get up and go after him, but by that time, Troy was out of sight. He hurried home as fast as he could, calling for Troy the whole way. He intended to get the car and go search for him. He was heartbroken the entire run home. When he got to the house, there was Troy, sitting on the porch waiting patiently for him. What a good boy! And what a relief. Troy got extra treats and plenty of hugs that night. It's clear he absolutely loves it here. He knew where he wanted to be, home with us. Troy has two modes: lazy basset (snoozing on the couch) and crazy labrador (sprinting around the house like he's in the Olympics). Basset mode is dominant, but labrador mode makes us laugh. He's very agile and extremely fun. He was the perfect addition to our family after losing our other hound/lab mix recently. Thank you to RAIN for making this happen. The way everything just came together so quickly and perfectly, we call him our miracle pup.