We have had Bo since January and he has really settled into to our family like we have always had him. He is VERY attached to me but loves all of us so very much. He loves life with boys and loves to play and snuggle with them. He sleeps with my husband and I every night snuggled right up to me. He LOVES to go camping and just lays outside staring at the wilderness all day. We call him the Mexican Sun Dog cause in the summer he just lays in the sun for hours no matter how hot it is!!! He is a great family dog and I have to say I am so appreciative your organization was open to letting him be adopted by a family with small children as other agencies would not give us a small dog. He has never been hurt by my kids. He has been very healthy. Our experience with your agency has been wonderful and I am so glad you rescue dogs from LA where they have so many homeless dogs and bring them here for families. We'll thank you again and we are so happy to have him!

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