My husband and I found ourselves dogless after our Golden had passed away 3 years ago and the our Shiba Inu 1 year ago. I found myself not wanting to spend time at home and not enjoying all of my outside activities as much as I used to. I was depressed.

We thought about buying a Golden Retriever puppy but worried about if we really had the time to raise a puppy with our busy schedules. So time kept ticking and still no dog to share our busy lifestyle with. I went to lunch with a friend I had not seen in a while and she suggested adopting a pet as opposed to shopping or purchasing a pup. She had adopted a dog the year prior and could not be happier with the outcome.

So per her suggestion I went on Pet Finders, I could not believe all of the animals that were in need of good homes..........it truely touched my heart and I knew at that moment that we should and would adopt a dog that was in need of a good family..........and so began the search.

Wow so many to choose from, I wish I could help them all, then I saw Harley, an 8 month old Blue Heeler that was recovering from a broken leg. His pictures, the look of loyalty and longing in his eyes and his story of survival roped me in. I was hooked. I shared his pictures with my husband and nephew and we all agreed we would like to meet him, so we took the first step.

After a quick e-mail we learned that he had been rescued by R.A.I.N. He had been pulled out of a high kill shelter in Georgia only to find that he had at some time in his short little life, broken his leg and it had never been taken care of. So at the advise of the vet, they had to re-break the leg and re-set it if Harley was to have a chance at living an active normal life. They did just that, then flew him out here to Seattle and in steps Lindsey! She took this little guy with a reset broken leg with a huge pin in it and literally nursed him back to health. Per doctors inst

ructions she had to keep him calm (remember he is a Blue Heeler) quiet and as inactive as possible in order for him to have a full recovery. She did just that-Thank You Lindsey!

We all went to meet him at an adoption fair and it was love at first site! He was the sweetest little guy, walking with a limp and rarely using his healing leg we felt even more convinced that this little guy needed us as much as we needed him. We took him home that day not knowing what the future would hold for us all, but knowing that however it turned out this guy was going to be a part of our family for life!

6 months later: the pin was removed, the rehabilitation began and now we have the happiest healthiest dog we could ever wish for. He runs and hikes with us, loves dogs, kids, people, balls, toys, the yard the water-you name it! He is the most appreciative and happy soul that lives! Thank you Lindsey and R.A.I.N!!!