My 8 year old daughter has been begging for a dog for years. After buying our own this year we decided it was time to start looking for our new fur baby. At first my husband wanted English mastiffs. He is a big man and felt like he needed a big dog. We searched and searched all the mastiff rescues but were unable to find one that really popped out at us. I took it upon myself to expand our search base and that's when I came across Palmer. Those sad eyes with the red tag stuck to his head just screamed at me. He was so beautiful and looked like he just needed a good family. I showed his picture to my husband who immediately liked him as well. My daughter said " We should name him Huckleberry" So after everyone agreed I contacted the rescue. Deb and Brenda were great to work with. They made things so easy. Brenda answered any questions I had and offered assistance at any time.

Well I am happy to report that Huck has carved his place into our family and our hearts. He LOVES everyone he meets, animal or person. Training as been a breeze. Within a week he was house broken and within 2.5 weeks we had him treadmill trained to relieve some puppy energy during the freezing weather we have been having. We couldn't have been blessed with a better dog. Thanks RAIN. We will be getting another one from you this summer as Huck will need a friend.