Shortly after my husband and I got married we knew we wanted to rescue a dog. We are quite active outdoors and were looking for a companion to join us on hikes, snowshoes adventures, and wherever else we went. We were one of the many families to inquire about a litter of puppies coming from Georgia. By the time we made it through the process, all of the puppies had found homes except for one who wasn't listed because of health concerns. RAIN asked us if we would be interested in Lexi with her new clean bill of health and she could not have been a more perfect match for us.

Lexi, now renamed Liberty, is a perfect mix of intelligence, affection, and energy. She has been the smartest one in all of her puppy classes, has snowshoed several trails with us this year, and has many more trail adventures ahead of her. She is our constant companion and we simply can't get enough of her sweet personality.

We can't thank RAIN enough for matching us with the perfect pup. She is so much more than we even knew we needed!