We had always wanted to add a large great dane mix dog to our family and once we moved into a house with land, we began searching on PetFinder. At first, we didn't plan on actually adopting for some time, but one week we spotted Mozart and fell in love. He was exactly what we were looking for: a great dane mix puppy with beautiful coloring. After discussing adoption for a week, we began the adoption process with RAIN by emailing Lindsey and submitting an application.

Lindsey got back to us right away and was great about explaining what we needed to do. She also told us Mozart's story: he and his two siblings had been the only three out of eight puppies to survive after the mother had taken off with them. This made us even more eager to adopt Mozart and we were excited to hear that the other two puppies also found good homes. We loved working with RAIN. We could tell right away that they truly cared about the animals they rescued and were excited to find them good homes.

RAIN flew Mozart and his siblings from Georgia to Seattle and we became Mozart's new family on November 2nd. The drive from Ellensburg to Seattle seemed so long! We had picked up a bed, a crate, toys, and food the day before and were so excited to see our new puppy! We fell in love with Mozart again when he eagerly ran into our arms from his kennel. It was really nice to spend some time with him and his siblings at the airport and take some pictures before bringing Mozart to his new home.

Over the last three weeks, we have gotten to see Mozart's personality come out and have realized that he is a perfect fit for our little family! He is playful, very smart, willing to please, and he loves people. He already knows how to sit, lay (though we use platz so that he doesn't get confused with stay or using down for getting off of something), stay, come, and walk on a leash (quite well usually). He behaved wonderfully during his last two visits to the vet (for microchipping and vaccine boosters) and is always excited to say hi to new people. He loves taking walks down our country road and we look forward to taking him on hikes and jogs as he gets older. We are curious to see how big he'll get. He has been gaining about 0.5 a pound a day and seems much taller now than on that first day!

Adopting Mozart has been an amazing experience. We enjoy teaching him new things (he gets this "light bulb" moment when something finally makes sense :) ), but we have learned so much from him too. He has taught us patience, gentleness, how to be assertive and calm, and to take time to have some fun. Thank you RAIN for bringing this awesome "little" guy into our lives! We hope to work with you again in the future!

- Jason and Amber