Meeting Rupert was pure happenstance. It was Mother's Day and my grandma had asked me to take her to the pet store to buy some good quality food for her new papillon puppy, which led us to this little pet shop called "Simply Paws". There, the girl working in the store that day was holding this small dog who was shaking, wide-eyed, with ears back. This was of course, Rupert. I instantly fell in love with the little guy - my inner psychologist-to-be wanted to help nurture him and socialize him and give him a happy, new life. I said right there that I would adopt him if I had the means. I had been wanting a dog for years at that point, but the life of a student can make it difficult to work out dog-ownership. Regardless, I thought about him all week and then applied and met him (apparently he liked me best, too!) now here we are! I am very happy with Rupert, he is a VERY good dog. Perfect for me as I am a first time dog owner and he is a sweet and fairly well-behaved boy. Plus, I am fairly sure we are twins as there are as many similarities between me and Rupert as is possible between human and dog (hahaha!) - we are both sleepy sorts, we have allergies, we love adventuring together, and we both are a little anxious at times. He follows me around everywhere, we play fetch and go for walks and adventures (in the Lupine fields like you see in the picture!), and he loves to roll and jump and run (he's so fast!!). He makes me smile and laugh, at the very least, once a day, so what more can I ask for? And he just went on a road trip with my family and I to Santa Barbara and back and slept in the car for most of the way there and back and at every stop was eager to get out and roll in the nearby grass (or dirt if he was desperate) and take on all of our new adventures. The beach was particularly fun as he was scared of the waves and new to shells! Hahaha. Needless to say, Rupert's story is a happy one! Thank you RAIN! :)

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