After mourning the loss of our 13 year old Buddy to liver failure, we decided that it was time to start looking for a new furry family member. We wanted to be picky. Our new dog had to fit in perfectly! We searched for awhile looking at thousands of dogs. We came across RAIN and their dogs. Then we saw Miss Sasha. She sounded like she fit all of our criteria. So, we went to visit her in Federal Way. We fell in love immediately! She's exactly who we were looking for! She didn't seem to like her name much, so we changed that right away. She seems so grateful to be home! Sammy follows our 3 year old daughter everywhere and they have become best friends. She dresses Sammy up, reads her stories and enjoys taking her to the park. Sammy is so easy going and trainable. We all enjoy packing up in the car and going on adventures! We are so pleased with our Sammy and would recommend RAIN to anyone who is looking for their new addition!

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