I was looking for a puppy to raise with my aging 13 yr. old Rott/lab (Humane Society dog I adopted when he was 1 yr old). I had a boxer pup last year that I raised from 8 wks., unfortunately he had uncontrollable seizures and had to be put down in October at 6 mos. old. When I was finally ready to get another pup, I started looking at PetFinder and Adoptapet, I really wanted to adopt/rescue, as I did with my older dog who has turned out to be a great dog/companion. I inquired about another puppy that RAIN had listed on the Adoptapet website, but he was already spoken for. I completed the application anyway and worked with Brenda to look for a pup, I knew the right one would come along at some point. I originally was looking for a dog in the 30 – 80 lb range, but I was open. A week or so later, Brenda sent me a preview of dogs that were up for adoption; I saw Tugg’s picture and wanted to meet him, he was a bit older than I wanted (5 mos), but there was just something about him. He honestly was smaller than I was thinking as well, but the minute I met him I knew I was sunk. Small in stature but he made up for it in personality. He’s a super sweet little guy, full of energy, and pretty much up for anything. Car rides, walks around the lake, hanging out at home etc. He gets along great with my older dog and my boyfriend’s two dogs. Brenda was great to work with, responsive etc., she allowed me to “foster to adopt”, which allowed Tugg to come home with me, and see if he fit etc. before committing, which was a great way to go. Not that I needed to, after the first 24 hours I knew he wasn’t leaving.

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