In June, we were looking to adopt a Labrador puppy mix, when I saw “Maria” (we changed it to Baylor seeing as she is from Georgia and all) on Petfinder. The video of her smiling eyes and face had us at hello. It was not at all different when we got her. When we saw her, she was just as smiley as the video. She is a beautiful Boxer mix, with expressive eyes. She did come to us with some yucky worms that were causing her weight to be low. We have dealt with this before with our other rescue, and we have the best Vet in the world who has been working very closely with us to get her weight back on track. It has been a slow process but she is thriving! We have a mini dachshund and a Chihuahua mix that she loves to torment when they play. She loves running through our property and leaping over logs and dogs and people. Training has gone so well. She crate trained very easily. Potty training took some time, but I think we have it. She does not like the rain, it seems we may have some issues when the wet weather comes in. Very much a southern Belle. Pam was fantastic to work with, thank you for helping us adopt our beautiful baby girl.

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