In June of 2012 I had lost my 13 year old Dalmatian, Lottie, due to a stroke and multiple seizures through out the night. Even with 2 other dogs at home, (Nicki a Husky and Si a Husky mix,) the house just felt empty and I knew eventually we would get another dog when the time was right.

About 2 weeks or so later, my best friend, Lizzy, told me that her co-worker was fostering a Blue PitBull mix at roughly a year to a year and a half old. I got excited and interrogated her with questions about the dog. I got a picture of Bruce and immediately showed my mom, who instantly fell in love with him. The next step was to talk to the rest of the family and see how all the dogs got along. Obviously, everyone got along and we all said yes. (Si and Bruce are the best of friends!) Both Bernice and Kara were great during our waiting period of Bruce, due to his loss of his canine teeth.

Bruce has just been a joy, everyone I worked/work with absolutely love him! Bruce is such a gentle and loving boy that even people who do not like Bully breeds have started to change their mind about them. He is a true ambassador to the breed. I have taught him to walk away from any dog who growls or snaps at him and he is great at this. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with GAD or General Anxiety Disorder about a year ago. I can not go out in public places or else I have horrible panic attacks. But luckily I have Bruce to help me out. He goes with me to any place my anxiety peaks. And he is perfect! Walks right by my side, occasionally bumping into me when I feel my anxiety rising and stops and sits when I stop. I couldn't have asked for a better dog! I really couldn't! Also I am very lucky Bruce lets me dress him up in silly outfits. ^_^ I am such a proud dog momma now and can go on forever with how grateful I am to have met Bruce and make him apart of my family!