I had been looking for a service dog for my diabetes. Someone gave me some advice and said the some of the best Service dogs come from shelters. That is where this person had found there service dog. I came across R.A.I.N web page found a dog I was interested in but he had already been adopted. When I spoke with one of the volunteers here in the Seattle area she said she had a dog that would be a good fit. So she sent me a video and picture of the dog. When I saw her I knew at that moment that I wanted her. I fell in Love. I showed my fiance and he to liked her right off the get go. Well I went down to meet her and when I saw Desiree, I knew she was my dog. Since the time we got her. She has grown so much. She loves to greet everyone. She even goes to Corporate meets. Every person that is in the same building at my company has to stop and see her. She has 5+ uncles. The biggest thing is she always makes sure I am okay. The love I know she has for us is huge you can see it in her eyes. I owe Brenda B at R.A.I.N a huge THANK YOU for bring us and Desiree together. On the flip side she is very spoiled She has 3 posturepedic beds Her favorite bed is in bed with us. I could go on for ever. Thank you R.A.I.N you are doing an awesome job! Sincerly The Hornberg Family P.S. Her BBF is a standard size poodle