My husband and I always knew we wanted a furry friend. The 1st few years of our lives, college and military life prevented us from providing a good home for a pup. Once we were able to settle down, start our careers, we knew it was time to adopt! I'm not sure what life was like with just the 2 of us. Bear easily and quickly made himself a Tovar! We found R.A.I.N. browsing online looking for a baby to adopt. It was so hard to choose who should be apart of our family (we wanted so many :) until Bear's picture popped up. The 1st few weeks of his life, he was abandoned in the cold and lost his tail due to an accident. Looking at his story and picture, I told my husband that this was our guy! We drove an hour to pick Bear up for the 1st time and we were so excited. This was our 1st baby! I was even nervous to hold him because I wasn't around puppies very often so it's been a while since I held a tiny puppy. He was only 6 pounds! As we drove home, bear was laying in my arms nervously. I kept telling him it was okay and we are going to be so happy together. Boy, did he realize that quick! Bear is the sweetest and most loving pup! Since he is currently still our only baby, he is spoiled to no end. And he knows it! Bear now weighs 45 pounds! We like to say he is 45 pounds of hunk! He is all muscle. He loves to go on long walks, play and sniff the outdoors. Digging holes is his specialty :) Bear's favorite games are tug of war and fetch. If he does something he is not supposed to, he sucks up like no other! There is no staying mad at him. He loves to play and please. Like I said before, I don't know what life was like before him. He is a very loved member of our family! He is looking forward to a brother or sister very soon (puppy and/or human :)