My husband and I both grew up with pets, and so it was not even a questions that we were going to have a pet together. We got the chance through R.A.I.N to adopt Bess(y), and what shall I say? The first time I saw her I started to cry because I was so happy. We knew that she was the one and our baby. She is a ray of sunshine and a bundle of energy. She loves to play outside with her tennis Ball. Her favorite thing to do before we go to bed is to cuddle with me and my husband on the floor or on the sofa. Everybody falls in love with her from the first moment, and she is doing so well with all kinds of dogs. Visitors in our house are not safe for her kisses. She is very smart and wants to learn, so we have to keep her busy with playing in dog groups, puppy school and various outdoor activities. She likes to take a ride in a car to different places and explore every single corner. She really completed our little family and we don´t want to miss her ever. For us she is the cherry on top of our life! She is still a puppy but she is going to become a very good dog and a perfect companion. We can´t say it enough about how we are blessed with her and so grateful that we got the chance to have this wonderful girl.

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