We just recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary of having Boomer join our family, and what an amazing year it has been! On a Sunday, December 2013, we rushed out the door as soon as the Seahawks game finished (a win - of course) to go meet 'Walden' at RAIN. It was LOVE at first sight. Nervous and scared, he had just gotten off the van after a 5 day trek from Georgia to Seattle, and he literally wrapped his arms around us and hugged us tight. We knew it was meant to be. In honor of the Seahawk's win that day, we named him Boomer after the Legion of Boom. And just like his namesake, he is full of strength, devotion, perseverance. For a dog that had been so unloved and mistreated in his previous life, he is seriously the most loving dog I've ever met. He has changed any view I had ever had on the pitbull breed - he's showed nothing but sweetness and gentleness. He is patient, trusting and playful. He LOVES cuddling on your lap (yes lap - even though he's 50 lbs), playing with our little boston terrier, going to the park, and playing tug-of-war. His spirit and spunk has brightened our lives and we are so grateful to RAIN for seeing his potential and doing all the work that went into bringing him together with our family! Thank you RAIN!

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