My husband and I bought our house two years ago. Since we are both outdoor people,we wanted a dog to enjoy the Pacific NW with us.

I came across raincityrescue over petfinder. I knew I needed to meet our new family member since I am allergic against certain breeds and raincityrescue made it possible. After we arrived at the initial visit, I immediately fell in love with this little tiger striped puppy. It didn't took long until my husband felt the same way, so we brought him home. Ever since we have Atticus our life's are even more filled with joy. He loves walks, hiking, play time with his dog friends and cuddling with us at night in front of the fireplace. Atticus keeps us moving when ever we get "too" lazy on the weekends....even if it is just a day after a 10mile hike :). He keeps me company when ever my husband is gone for work. We are so happy to have him in our life! He is such a blessing and makes our little family complete!