After our family experienced the sadness of having our 12 year-old cattle dog put to sleep, we decided that we wanted to adopt a rescued dog again.

I found R.A.I.N. on and made contact upon seeing a dog we were interested in. Although that dog was eventually adopted to another loving family, R.A.I.N. stayed in contact. When we saw the picture of Dozer, we got very excited. We will always be grateful to Tracey for her willingness to let Dozer come to us. He has fit right into our family. Everyone who has met him has fallen in love with him. I think if I could clone him, I could make enough money to retire on :)

Although Dozer is a well behaved dufus, we decided some obedience training was in order to help him better understand those silly human words he keeps hearing. He has done very well. He is very chill around all the 6 month old puppies in the class---kind of like a mellow uncle.

I can't day enough good things about Dozer. He is a great ambassador for bully breeds and how wonderful they are as family pets.

Thank you R.A.I.N.