Georgia, formerly Calla, has been with us for about three months-and she is a delightful, silly, sweet, and very enthusiastic new addition to our family. We have been working hard to harness her enthusiasm into a well behaved pup-and she is doing great! SO SMART. In fact my husband and I crack up every time she meets a new person....she turns on the charm, sits sweetly besides them, in this dreamy way stares up at them and then gently raises her paw to rest on their leg. Every time! She's such a little ham-knows how to work it! Georgia is hopelessly in love with her brother Jeremy-the dog with an endless supply of patience. He's her favorite toy of all. They play all the time and enjoy having their other dog/friends over to play as well. Georgia has been on countless adventures already! From camping in the woods, beach walks on the coast, and many hikes in the trails! We couldn't be happier THANK YOU for the work you do and for connecting us to sweet Georgia.

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