My fiance and I were looking for a dog after my Aussie of 12 years, who was living in California with my parents, died of cancer in January. My fiance told me he wanted to get me one for my birthday, so I started looking. I've always had a dog in my life but since I moved to Seattle, I didn't have one and I was lonely. We found RAIN through petfinder.com, I think. They had the dog we were looking for. Ponce, now Helix, was so sweet and he had such a lovable face! He was super friendly. He also reminded me of our last dog who was an Aussie. We didn't want a brand new puppy so Helix fit our criteria. He is such a love. He makes us laugh everyday. He loves chasing squirrels and deer. He must have known the word "squirrel" before we got because he sure perks up when he hears that word. Helix loves to talk, swimming in our pool, play fetch, laying on the bed, hiking, walking, other dogs, and a good ol' belly rub. We have recently moved back to California and I think he has died and gone to heaven! My parents are in love with him and couldn't have asked for a better "granddog". He is as spoiled as ever. We think he has too many toys, but I'm sure he'd disagree... This little guy sure has put smiles on ever ones faces since we got him. Helix is originally from Atlanta, and I don't know much about his life before we got him, but I bet we have improved it.

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