I keep saying that Mallory is a Rescue Dog and truly she is. But the truth is that I did not rescue Mallory. Mallory rescued me. I'd had some major losses in my life just before I adopted Mallory. A friend of mine found Mallory posted on Rain City's web site. She had sent me several photos of dogs and I kept saying "I'm not ready", but when she sent me Mallory's story, I knew that was the dog for me. Before beginning this writing, I looked back at the description about Mallory when she was up for adoption at Rain City Rescue. Every word of it was true. Tracy (or whoever wrote her story) knew Mallory well. I've had several dogs in my lifetime but I think Mallory is the most passionate and loving dog ever. She does continually want to please. She loves to just get up on my lap and curl up on her back or me to rub her belly. She never lets me out of her sight, and still she is not totally dependent on me. She is just amazing. I know I've posted to Rain City Rescue several times before and I'm sure you are tired of hearing from me. Please know how grateful I am to have Mallory.

If all the photos go through I want to add that the one with her jumped up on the back of the couch looking out the window is not an everyday practice or allowed. UPS had pulled into the driveway. Most of her treats come via UPS and so she knew he was here for HER! She forgot her manners for a moment and I took time to capture the photo before calling her down!