Chris and I love animals and were looking for a dog to join our two cats. Our one requirement was for the dog to be cat friendly. I remember being amused by Mara's profile on PetFinder - not only was she friendly with cats, but also with ducks, horses, and sheep. Turns out she spent some time on a foster farm. We had to meet her. :) RAIN was extremely responsive and easy to work with. I could tell that Pam and others involved cared deeply about the well being of the animals. RAIN was also flexible about letting us choose where to take Mara for spaying and promptly reimbursing us for the amount covered in the adoption fee. We adopted Mara in June 2013. She was about six months old. I picked her up from a daycare in Federal Way. Mara was fairly shy, didn't like loud noises, and actually didn't know what to make of our cats. It took little time for her to adjust to her new home in Redmond. She is incredibly intelligent, gentle with her feline siblings, and just generally a very happy dog. She understands most things that we say to her and is a fast learner. We are both active and so Mara is a great jogging and hiking partner. We love her dearly. Thanks RAIN for taking care of Mara and bringing her to us!

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