On July 25, 2015, I drove north on I-5 from the Portland area to pick up Murphy. Not having been able to meet him yet as he had just arrived in Washington, I had a flood of emotions--excitement, as I had waited a long time for a dog of my own, and nerves, because it was finally happening and I had never even met him! I grew up with pets, and knew I would love him so much, but nothing could have prepared me for the love this little guy gives in return! Murphy has so much personality, and everyone he meets is his new best friend. Whether he is giving a stranger a kiss, providing a therapeutic puppy break at the office, or cuddled up with me after a long day, he brings so much joy to everyone he meets--including his kitty sister, who, despite her sassy personality, loves him very much. When he's not winning over the hearts of the world, Murphy loves car rides, going for walks (rain or shine!), and wrestling and playing with his dog friends/cousins. Thank you RAIN for bringing us together!!!

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