We had been looking to adopt a friend for our 2 year old boxer mix we rescued in May 2012, but had been focusing our efforts toward another boxer or boxer mix. However, the right dog for our family wasn't coming along after months of searching through the local boxer rescue and other avenues. So, we enlarged our search, to include smaller dogs and other rescues and came across a couple of Puggles on the RAIN website needing to be rehomed immediately, and set up a meeting with Ava (Now Olive) Brooklyn (Our Boxer mix) wasn't immediately in love with this smaller wiggle butt that we met that night, so we agreed to foster Ava for a couple weeks and see how it worked out. I'm happy to say it didn't take long for Brooklyn to fall in love, and take ownership of her new found friend, so we happily adopted Ava (now Olive)a couple weeks later. Olive has now been with us for about 3 months, and couldn't be happier to have her in our family. Our cat still acts like she'd rather not have Olive around, but tolerates her sneak attack kisses, and I've even seen them snuggle when nobody is looking. Life is good!

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