After putting down our 9 year old cattle dog unexpectedly, we knew Bokeh our 1 1/2 year old cattle dog would need a buddy. So we searched for about 2 weeks, so many sights, so many nights on the internet, but nothing clicked, then we found Rain City Rescue. They had a little border collie- Aussie mix, she looked so sweet. I talked to her foster Mom in Georgia and it sounded promising. So after filling out the papers, and getting accepted, we made the 6 hour drive from Bend Or, to Seattle to meet our new pup. She was in great shape and just an excellent dog, now that we've had her at home for a little over 2 weeks, we are seeing the true Ruby, she is still a puppy at 7 months, but has fit in perfectly to our new home. We've taken her on hikes, and dog parks as well as doggy school, she has done great at all of them, and best of all, Bokeh has a buddy again. Rain City did a great job of keeping us informed of the dog as she was being transported, and we had all the medical records as well, a great help. We are a 2 dog family again, thanks.

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