Tiger Lily

My baby girl is pretty much my soul mate. Just like me, she is down for whatever. We can equally go on an adventure out into the woods for a hike, roam around downtown Seattle or snuggle up inside on a rainy day. Our personalities are laughably similar. I am a long-time dog lover, first time dog owner, and I think the adoption process was made so much easier thanks to the wonderful folks at R.A.I.N. When I was initially looking for a rescue, I had a conversation with Tracy, and she helped guide me to my sweet Tiger Lily (then Imogene). I can't imagine how I could have found a better match. The day before our meet and greet, I was so nervous. What if things went wrong? What if she had behavior issues? What if things just weren't "right?" But when we first saw each other that Saturday morning, all of the anxiety melted away. She was the perfect little lady. She was already crate trained, had some basic commands and, honestly, I still can't figure out how she could possibly have ended up needing rescue! I can only hope that everyone has the opportunity to find this kind of match with R.A.I.N!

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