Zander B Hadley

Zander is the best dog ever! He arrived in our home in March 2014! He has been in our hearts ever since! He came crate trained, socialized and potty trained. He has his own Facebook page under Zander B. Hadley and posts his adventures. He comes to work with me once a week and is the most popular dog in the building. A few additional facts RAIN is hands down the best rescue organization ever. I appreciate them and share their posts and talk about the wonderful work they do to anyone who will listen. I was looking for a cardigan corgi as we had lost ours due to old age. Zander AKA Bradley came up and I knew he was the one. RAIN worked with me to ensure he arrived safe and sound. He brings us daily joy and loves playing with his stuffed animals, coming to work and his long walks.Thank you so much! Jana Hadley