We were drawn to Rudy's beautiful, soulful, brown eyes when we saw him on Petfinder in December 2016. When we first met him in March 2017, he was even more adorable in person. We ignored him, as instructed, until he sought our affection. By then, we already knew we were taking him home to became part of our family. Rudy is leash reactive - something we weren't familiar with before we adopted him. We live in a busy, Seattle neighborhood. At first, he would bark and lunge at dogs, people, squirrels and some vehicles, jumping and nipping at his leash. After he bit two obedience instructors, we trained him to wear a muzzle on walks. This was less difficult than we had anticipated, and he now accepts it easily. We've learned a lot about reactivity and dog training. With positive reinforcement, patience and consistency, Rudy is slowly overcoming his anxieties. He now rarely reacts to people and vehicles, and sometimes doesn't react to other dogs other than to watch them. We see steady improvement, and we look forward to taking him on long hikes and walks in busy parks, and eventually not needing the muzzle at all. At home, Rudy has always been fantastic. He's smart, affectionate, communicative and loyal. He's the perfect work at home partner, and he loves to lay in sun beams, solve puzzles and lean against his people. We love our sweet Rudy, and we are committed to having a good life together.

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