Hi, I just wanted to update you on a doggo we got from you guys in sept 2015. Bode has brought so much joy and love and a little bit of ridiculousness to our lives. Our daughter is his baby and you can’t tell him nothing when it comes to her. They sleep together, he follows her around everywhere, and has even alerted us to seizure activity when he isn’t trained for that at all. He knew his baby was in trouble and that was all it took. He’s going to be four in June, and has helped us rehabilitate several other foster dogs and is literally the sweetest boy ever. He’s had a few health issues that we maintain for him but otherwise he’s a happy, healthy little dude. I’m including some pictures of him and his baby, and his little brother Duke the Great Dane who just turned 3. He also has taken over Nap Watch for his newest baby brother born in December.


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